The Company

Destination Bride, LLC, is a company with one goal: connecting couples with the places, purveyors, and products that will make their wildest, destination wedding dreams a reality wherever they choose to tie the knot.  

The company was founded in 1993 as a full service destination wedding production company by Lisa Light. An avid traveler and hopeless romantic, Lisa was inspired to use her background as an anthropologist and tour operator to help couples plan...not only a fabulous wedding... but a trip of a lifetime with the people they love.

Today, Destination Bride is a trusted source...a worldwide connection to fabulous destinations and venues, reliable purveyors and useful products.

During her 25+ years of producing destination weddings and writing her book, Destination Bride: A Complete Guide to Planning Your Wedding Anywhere in the World,  Lisa made connections and developed relationships with thousands of venues and vendors around the world. Her talent of finding exceptional venues and passionate purveyors, coupled with her vast knowledge and worldwide contacts, makes Lisa the quintessential connecting bridge between couples and the people who are going to help them make their vision come to fruition.

Photos by Nashan Photographers, Andy Todes, and Kathleen Harrison.