Affiliation Benefits

  • Endorsement by Destination Bride, LLC (DB)

  • Promotion via a feature appearing on the DB website and social media platforms

  • Personal referrals to clients and sales support by the DB Team

  • Access to travel booking and coordination with the DB travel concierge

  • Referrals to other affiliated vendors

  • Access to marketing services through the DB team

  • Networking, education and sales opportunities


Application Requirements

  • Application Form

  • References

  • Proof of License and Insurance Required by Law in Home Country

  • An Interview

  • Signed Contract


Affiliate Responsibilities

  • Affiliates are expected to treat customers with professionalism

  • Affiliates are required to abide by all rules and regulations mandated by law in their region and to be fully insured for liability

  • Affiliates agree to pay 10% for sales generated by DB of which 5% will be reimbursed to the customer/purchaser of the product or service as a thank you for planning their wedding with the assistance of DB.  The other 5% is retained by DB.

  • Affiliates agree not to inflate their rates in order to cover the cost of the referral fee. They understand that a referral fee is a sales and marketing expense and they understand the value of paying for a referral that converts into a sale as there is a guaranteed return on investment.


How To Apply

  1. Fill in and submit the inquiry form.

  2. Destination Bride will then email you an application.

  3. The application will be reviewed by the DB team within ten days.

  4. If the application is approved, the affiliate will receive a contract for review and signature.

  5. Once the contract has been signed, the affiliate will enjoy all of the benefits of being part of the Destination Bride Worldwide Connection.

  6. A feature article will be written and posted and the announcement will be made on DB social media.