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“WedSafe Will Insure Your Big Day”

Insurance may not be the most exciting purchase you make while planning your wedding, but it is certainly one of the most important.

As a planner I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. What’s life without a few surprises? And why should your wedding be any different? With the wonderful surprises your “big day” has in store for you, there may be one or two that are less-than-wonderful, and completely unforeseen. Here are a few scenarios that you should consider when deciding whether or not to insure your big day:

  • Sudden severe weather prevents your celebration, or causes many of your guests to cancel.
  • The charming restaurant you chose to host your rehearsal dinner has gone out of business, but not before they cashed your deposit check.
  • One of your vendors or service providers fails to show, but keeps your deposit.
  • A sudden illness or withdrawal of military leave makes it impossible for certain family members to attend.
  • Your darling nephew--the ring bearer--loses the ring while “practicing” his entrance
  • Mid-hug, someone accidentally spills a glass of Merlot down the side of your antique wedding dress.


Who should insure your “Big Day?”
In my opinion, one of the best wedding insurance providers in this country is WedSafe. They are experts in the field, and they make buying proper coverage easy and affordable.


Which type of insurance to purchase?
There are two types of insurance policies that WedSafe offers: Cancellation Insurance and Liability Insurance. They can be purchased individually or together, as a package. Both policy types are important, and we recommend purchasing both; together they provide the full coverage you need for genuine peace of mind. Also, when purchased together, WedSafe offers a 15% savings on your premium.


  • Cancellation Insurance Policy

    Protects your financial investment against unforeseen problems and changes, including those that might cause you to postpone or reschedule your wedding. As couples put down deposits with venues and service providers, they become vulnerable to events and changes beyond their control. You can’t control a hurricane, a vendor going out of business, or an unforeseen outbreak of the flu in your destination of choice. According to Audrey Hanken, the Sr. Vice President of Markel American Insurance Company, almost half of the claims they receive are vendor related, and of those, two-thirds are because of a vendor going out of business. So, it’s true. We are all vulnerable to life’s surprises; that’s why it’s nice to know that with the proper insurance investments can indeed be protected.


  • Liability Insurance Policy

    Provides protection to both you (as host or honoree) and your venue against liability for property damage, personal injuries and alcohol-related accidents. Many venues--whether country clubs, hotels, historic sites, or private gardens—require that a couple purchase liability coverage to insure their property against damage; and to protect themselves against a lawsuit should someone at the wedding be injured due to your fault or wrongdoing. Even when it’s not required by their venues, many couples choose to buy liability insurance to protect themselves.


How much does wedding insurance cost?
"WedSafe offers policies as low as $75, this represents a very small amount of money to protect a significant wedding investment." Steve Lauro, Vice President of Aon's Affinity Insurance Services. "Discounts are available when purchasing Liability and Cancellation products together, making it even more affordable to protect that special day."

A wedding is one of the most important investments a couple will ever make--second only to their home. Just as you would insure your home in case of a fire, flood, or robbery, so should couples insure their weddings. The question is not “Can we afford it?”, but “Can we really afford not to have it?”


When should wedding insurance be purchased?
I recommend considering insurance at the beginning of the planning process, and purchasing it before any significant deposits are made. However, if you are not the plan-ahead type, remember that cancellation insurance can still be purchased no later than 14 days before the event, and liability insurance can be purchased up to 24 hours before the event.


How can WedSafe Wedding Insurance be purchased?
WedSafe insurance can be purchased entirely online at Once purchased, policies are e-mailed to customers within minutes.

For more information about coverage options and pricing; to download sample policies or Certificates of Insurance; or to purchase a policy, visit WedSafe’s website at



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