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Every life holds great drama, and a few big watershed events: education, marriage, a first home, children. Momentous events such as these do not come without expense, or risk (along with a hopefully much greater set of blessings and rewards!). You wouldn't sink your life's savings (and perhaps some of your parents'...) into your first home without insuring your investment, would you?


Considering a Destination Wedding? Advice to Help a Couple Decide!

The number of American couples choosing destination weddings has tripled in the last 10 years and the trend continues to grow. The notion of a wedding ceremony that combines the allure of travel, a wonderful, maybe exotic location, and an extended celebration with family and friends. Well... what's not to love?

While destination weddings have definitely captured the imagination of American couples, what exactly does the term mean?

Put simply, a "destination wedding" takes place away from home, it involves travel, and it usually extends beyond one day. At the same time, because of the travel element, a destination wedding can be more complicated to plan than a hometown marriage ceremony.


How Long Does It Take to Plan A Destination Wedding?

Don't you just hate it when someone answers your question with a question? Well, when couples ask me how long it generally takes to plan a destination wedding, I have to ask them: "How much time do you have to devote to planning?" Planning a wedding far from home can be complicated, and it always takes longer than you would hope for all of the pieces to come together. In the first flush of excitement couples can make a good start, but they quickly realize that research and follow-up take time, and little progress is made when they can only steal a few random hours a week for planning.



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