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Arrive in Style to Any Event

The vehicle that you choose to arrive to your wedding or special event completely sets the stage for the event.

Why arrive at a special event in your everyday car when you can make a statement by arriving in style?

The vehicle that you choose is as important as the ensemble you wear, the flowers, the linens and the styling of the food. It is not only a necessary logistic buy a prop in your over all event design and aesthetic. It can, and should be part of overall design and aesthetic. It can, and should be part of overall design, and can certain add panache and fun to your celebration.

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Art of the Invitation by Lisa Light

Since the origin of time, humankind has celebrated milestones such as birthdays, accomplishments and marriages. In the beginning, people were simply invited by word-of-mouth, but as society developed, so did the "art" of the invitation. Today, in this era of electronic communication, printed invitation that are calligraphed and actually sent through post or delivered by special courier are valued and even cherished more than ever, sometimes costing in tens of thousands of dollars.

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The ‘Bottom Line’ of Weddings - Who Pays for What?

Photo by Emma Dodge Hanson
By Lisa Light

A few questions always come up in my first meeting with an engaged couple. “Who pays for what?” is one of those questions. We all think we know the answer. At least, we have an idea—sometimes vague, sometimes clear—of who paid for what back in the days when there were ironclad etiquette rules for such things. (I’ll refresh your memory of the ‘traditional’ breakdown of costs and responsibilities, according to Emily Post, below.)


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“WedSafe Will Insure Your Big Day”

Insurance may not be the most exciting purchase you make while planning your wedding, but it is certainly one of the most important.

As a planner I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. What’s life without a few surprises? And why should your wedding be any different? With the wonderful surprises your “big day” has in store for you, there may be one or two that are less-than-wonderful, and completely unforeseen. Here are a few scenarios that you should consider when deciding whether or not to insure your big day:

  • Sudden severe weather prevents your celebration, or causes many of your guests to cancel.
  • The charming restaurant you chose to host your rehearsal dinner has gone out of business, but not before they cashed your deposit check.
  • One of your vendors or service providers fails to show, but keeps your deposit.
  • A sudden illness or withdrawal of military leave makes it impossible for certain family members to attend.
  • Your darling nephew--the ring bearer--loses the ring while “practicing” his entrance
  • Mid-hug, someone accidentally spills a glass of Merlot down the side of your antique wedding dress.



Hiring A Photographer

Photographer How soon before your wedding should you hire a photographer?
In most cases you should start looking for a photographer almost as soon as you book your reception hall. Keep in mind most of the better photographers are taken a year or more in advance.

What is the advantage of hiring a professional?
A professional takes photographs for a living. As a professional, you can be assured of receiving the highest quality in service and photographs. A professional photographer uses the best equipment and labs to assure your satisfaction.


Making Toasts

Making ToastsGenerally, the best man acts as the toastmaster, and prepares a list of the order in which each person will make a toast. There is an established protocol which the couple may or may not choose to follow.

Microphones:  You may want to check with the hired musicians for the use of their microphone if the rehearsal or reception is in a very large area and people may have a hard time hearing. You might also consider if the sound system will be set up when you need to speak.

Special Considerations:  If you, or someone else, will not be able to stand as you deliver your toast, you may want to make special arrangements ahead of time to move to a location where you will be seen by all.


Julia Nichols Prem - Photographer

Ease, elegance and whimsy says it all. The moment you meet Julia Nichols Prem you can feel her warmth and creative energy. She is not just a photographer but an artist and a humanitarian.


A Personal Wedding Planning Web Page is a Great Destination Wedding Resource

By Lisa Light
Aren't you glad that we live when we do? I must say, some things about planning a wedding have gotten a lot easier. I used to stay up half the night faxing distant locations, during their business hours. Now, with e-mail and Internet research, so much of the details of planning a wedding - locally or halfway around the world - are easier.


Catering FAQ's

Catering Get all estimates in writing; contracts should state what food and drink is to be served, how many servers will be needed, and a provision to inform the caterer of the final number of expected guests at least a week before the wedding.

  • Make sure the caterer is licensed or you may be liable if something happens.
  • If outdoors, make sure they have refrigeration.
  • Find out how they dress.
  • What is the estimated cost per person for a seated dinner? Buffet? Cocktail reception? Open bar? What does the cost include?
  • What is the staff-to-guest ratio? (For seated meals, the ratio is usually one waiter to 8-10 guests.)


Gary Oakley - Destination Wedding Photographer

What to look for… And look out for…
When selecting a Destination Wedding Photographer….

by Gary Oakley

Oakley Photography

Now that the word is out about your upcoming destination wedding, you are getting advice everywhere you turn. Your college roommate just got marred in Hawaii, Your sister tied the knot in Seattle… and everyone has an opinion! To whom do you listen?


Lisa Light's Advice on...Wedding Insurance

Every life holds great drama, and a few big watershed events: education, marriage, a first home, children. Momentous events such as these do not come without expense, or risk (along with a hopefully much greater set of blessings and rewards!). You wouldn't sink your life's savings (and perhaps some of your parents'...) into your first home without insuring your investment, would you?



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