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I recently had the opportunity to work with stylist, Barbara Camp, in New York City. Barbara Camp’s client list is a veritable cosmos of beauty, fashion, photographers, directors and celebrities including my personal idol, Princess Diana! Having worked with literally hundreds of people—from supermodels and Oscar winners to the Mother-of-the-Bride—which bookings inspire her talents the most? Weddings! She told me that, “Nothing comes close to the collective, contagious joy experienced when making a bride look and feel gorgeous on her day of days.” Signature warmth and humor inclusive, Barbara’s talents—available for events, photo shoots and lessons—can be seen at and Want to chat? Call her at (917) 859-6991. Operators are standing by...

Photo by: Barbara Camp

Brides and Grooms Flash Red-Carpet Smiles

Image As any viewer who watches the glamorous Hollywood awards ceremonies can easily see, some of the most notable fashion statements visible on the red carpet--in addition to the glorious gowns, glittering jewels, and elegant tuxedoes--are the stars' dazzling smiles.

By the same token, no bride--or groom--should forget the importance of a "red-carpet smile" as they prepare to walk down the aisle to receive their own lifetime award--each other's hand in marriage.

With all eyes and cameras focused on the happy couple, one of the surest ways for them to shine is to flash a stunning, camera-ready smile for all to see, and for those photos that the pair will cherish forever.


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Add Another Vow on Your Wedding Day: Keep Your Head While You Wed - Tips for Migraine Sufferers

It's no secret that with budgets, time crunches, endless logistical coordination and family expectations, many couples experience increased anxiety and stress as their wedding day approaches. However, for people with migraine, stress, along with other potential triggers, can invite an unwelcome guest to spoil their special day: a migraine headache. Thus, people with migraine need to plan ahead to help avoid or alleviate certain triggers and symptoms.


Don't Let Your Nose Spoil Your Nuptials: Allergy Proofing Your Wedding

The last thing most couples want to worry about on their wedding day is their health. But for people suffering from allergic rhinitis, an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, both indoor and outdoor culprits can trigger nasal symptoms which, in turn, could spoil what should be the happiest day of their life.

Thus, in planning their wedding, be it set for any time of the year, people with allergic rhinitis should think ahead to help avoid or alleviate symptoms such as sniffling or nasal congestion. Following are some tips to minimize the possibility of your nose interfering with your "I do's":


When plagued by nasal symptoms, many if not most engaged couples are probably concerned about seasonal allergens such as pollen and flowers.



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