Hip, Hand-Crafted Porcelain by Davis Studio Now Available to Rent!

Hand-Crafted Porcelain

The heart and soul of a home, and the evolution of a family as it grows and develops, can be tracked from the dinner table. If you listen closely, it is from the table that you can hear a home's life pulse. Family, friends, food, candlelight...special occasions, and late night conversations. Strategy talks over papers and plans, morning coffee, intimate dinners and setting extra plates, grabbing extra chairs...the dinner table is the altar of connectedness.


Give the Gift of an Original Song - "Your Songs by David John"

So many wedding gifts are universal - appropriate for any couple, or even any occasion. Yet one's wedding is the most singular and personal of occasions, and it deserves a truly personal and unique gift.

There is a new wedding gift option that lends true meaning to the expression: "They're playing our song." Imagine having a song written and produced expressly for you...a musical work of art that immortalizes your love story in beautifully crafted words and music.


Gifts that Give Twice - Socially Conscious Wedding Favors

Gifts that Give Twice What's so unique about the Appreciate Network? It is a national design & gift social enterprise that donates 100% of its proceeds to fund programs for homeless youth. But that isn't the only thing that is catching the attention of American brides, corporations and the press. The company's beautiful gift baskets and wedding favors are designed by homeless youth collaborating with professional designers!


A Toaster or a Chimpanzee? Charitable Wedding Registries on ChangingThePresent

adopt a tiger Brides and grooms-to-be are scouring the web to find their dream furnishings to add to their wedding registries. The site offers over a thousand "donation gift" opportunities from hundreds of leading nonprofits that reach out to the world and make a difference.

Newlyweds Heather and Rishi talk about their relationship and creating their charitable wedding registry: "I knew I wanted to spend my life with Heather because I HATE talking on the phone, and all I ever wanted to do was call her!" exclaims Rishi. "We love being together and having fun, but it’s important to both of us to be of real service. That’s where we find our satisfaction. It was nice to have a way to express things we care about along with decor!" Heather explains.



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