Once you know where in the WORLD you want to be married….

You need to figure out the best landscape or stage for each of your events - your venues - and then you need to pull together your “A” team! Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to plan a wedding, but make sure it is the BEST team.

On the below you will find venue and vendor resources for worldwide destinations. Click on your wedding destination and begin your browsing! Note that although we do our best to include companies that are professional and reputable, we can't guarantee what we don't control. So we always recommend that couples do their RRR homework.

  1. Get REFERRALS from a trusted source,
  2. Ask as many people as possible for RECOMMENDATIONS
  3. Get REFERENCES and be sure to check them!
Although we believe that it is advantageous to find and use vendors in the destination of choice, we also know from experience that that is not always possible. You may want to bring some resources with you from home and you may want to ship or fly some in from a nearby destination. So be sure to check the resource pages in neighboring destinations and those that we have included on the Planning Online pages. Enjoy the search, but if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to email us for a personal recommendation.


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