• Photo by Olivera Rusu
  • Photo by Olivera Rusu

Arrive in Style to Any Event

The vehicle that you choose to arrive to your wedding or special event completely sets the stage for the event.

Why arrive at a special event in your everyday car when you can make a statement by arriving in style?

The vehicle that you choose is as important as the ensemble you wear, the flowers, the linens and the styling of the food. It is not only a necessary logistic buy a prop in your over all event design and aesthetic. It can, and should be part of overall design and aesthetic. It can, and should be part of overall design, and can certain add panache and fun to your celebration.

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Destination Bride to Sponsor the Lenox Wedding Planner Tour Nov. 4-7

Wedding Planners are invited to discover all that Lenox, MA has to offer. For more information go to Lenox Wedding Planner.

Art of the Invitation by Lisa Light

Since the origin of time, humankind has celebrated milestones such as birthdays, accomplishments and marriages. In the beginning, people were simply invited by word-of-mouth, but as society developed, so did the "art" of the invitation. Today, in this era of electronic communication, printed invitation that are calligraphed and actually sent through post or delivered by special courier are valued and even cherished more than ever, sometimes costing in tens of thousands of dollars.

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The Year of the Mayan Wedding

Lisa Light, Special Advisor to Fortune Character (US), is a renowned authority on destination weddings with 20 years of experience planning international events and a black book full of the most amazing venues and finest purveyors. Ms. Light has planned events and has teams in place in over 60 destinations on six continents ...

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Feature in Wedding Nouveau

Serene waters, ancient ruins and the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME...


World renown event planner, Lisa Light of Destination Bride, LLC has partnered with Romantic Travel Belize (one of the leading travel planning agencies) to host the “Maya Marriage of Many” for twelve (12) lucky couples and their guests at the historic ruins of Cahal Pech, Belize.


Mayan Marriage of Many

February 18, 2012 (Chatham, NY) – Lisa Light of Destination Bride, LLC is celebrating 20 years of planning weddings by producing a wedding for as many as 12 couples and their guests on the Mayan palace ruin of *Cahal Pech in Belize on 12-12-12.

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Image, BRANDING & Hospitality - Business Development Panel Discussion!

On March 15, 2012 at Space 360 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm there will be an Image, BRANDING & Hospitality - Business Development Panel Discussion. The event is free to Columbia County Members and $25 to non-members. This event is sponsored by the Chamber, Space 360 and Destination Bride, LLC.

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Wedding by Lisa Light in Mexico

Last April I had the pleasure of working with Paul Schrank of Playa Weddings on a wedding on the Mexican Riviera. See some great shots and the video by Paul Schrank.

Scenes from Xcaret Wedding Film
Xcaret - Riviera Maya | April 2011
Destination Bride's page on Mexico

Real Wedding Stories

Michael & Angela | Athens, New York

Near Sleepy Hollow Lake in Athens, New York, there is a beautiful home surrounded by terraced rock. Angela Perri’s parents live there, and while she and her new husband, Michael Thomas, live in Cold Spring, New York now, they decided to go home to the lake for their September wedding.



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