• Photo by Olivera Rusu
  • Photo by Olivera Rusu

Lisa Light makes "A-List of Top Destination Weddings Planners"

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine - March 2010

Lisa Light named among Top 30 Worldwide Destination Wedding Planners

Destination Wedding Planners A-List

Introducing our first-ever A-List planners! It's hard enough to plan a traditional wedding, but destination do's take even more know-how: A destination planner has to handle unique challenges, from sourcing the right shade of roses in a remote locale to dealing with customs issues to navigating the oft-dizzying requirements for a legally binding union away from home.

We've scoured the globe to find 30 top destination-wedding planners who combine decades of experience with true passion for their work, evidenced by the gorgeous weddings they've done all over the planet. If you're searching for a trustworthy planner to make your wedding dream come true, look no further!

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Fabulous Find: Costa Rica Rentals

If you are planning a wedding or honeymoon in Costa Rica, let Heather Mahaffey be your guide. She has been working in Costa Rica managing villas for more than eight years, and boy! does she make it easy for you!  Heather will figure out which villa best suits your style, requirements, dreams, and budget. She is based in Savannah, Georgia, so she is a convenient resource for information about Costa Rica. She will also guide you in the right direction when selecting your wedding and reception vendors.


New Trends in Bubbly!!!

By Lisa Light

Many people have connotations of Spring: flowers, spring cleaning, baseball. When the weather starts to improve I, on the other hand, have “wedding season” connotations.


Do your thoughts turn to champagne? Mine do, and I wanted to go to the epicenter of the wine and spirit world to see what the new trends are this wedding season. I called Chris Adams of Sherry Lehmann.

2009 marks Sherry Lehmann’s seventy-fifth year selling fine wines and spirits. The store is as “New York” for wines as Tiffany & Company is for jewels, but Sherry Lehmann now ships internationally, and to every state that allows it.


What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a wonderful adventure, not just for the bride and groom, but for everyone involved. When you combine the allure of travel, a remarkable location, and an extraordinary cause for celebration, the mix is rich with meaning, memories, and opportunities for bonding.

Destination weddings have captured the imagination of the modern American bride for a number of reasons. A destination bride may be geographically separated from her family, or she may be marrying someone from another region. She and her fiance may be avid travelers, driven to broaden their horizons through journeys abroad. There are many reasons to choose a destination wedding and perhaps just as many reasons not to. The decision is not one to be made lightly, and it is important to go through the decision-making process before committing to a marriage celebration far from home.

Like any important decision, the choice can seem daunting, but it needn't be, once you weigh all the relevant pros and cons. By understanding what goes into a destination wedding, you can decide not only if it appeals to you but, more importantly, if it is right for you.

Top Ten Reasons to Plan a Wedding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a gorgeous destination. Imagine yourself at a mountaintop villa in a light, romantic dress, with orchids in your hair, on a warm, tropical evening, the air scented with flowers.  You walk through a stone arch onto a stone terrace where a Spanish fountain provides a calming babble in the background. You make your way to your groom’s side where you both have an awe-inspiring view of an island-studded deep blue sea.  After the ceremony your friends toast to your happiness as the sun sets and the stars and moon rise over the azure sea. You dine on delicious, fresh fish flavored with cilantro, lemon and lime, and afterwards the celebration and dancing begins to the beat of Latin music… 


Tips for Planning a Wedding in Costa Rica

Tips for Planning a Wedding in Costa Rica

1. Make sure you plan your wedding during the dry season—December through April.  If you go in September or October, chances are you’ll have a soggy wedding; rain can be very heavy during the  wet, or “green” season.

2. Plan on orchids...it would be a shame not to incorporate them since they are so unique to the area. Another gorgeous flower in Costa Rica is the Alamanda, which I have seen in yellow and purple.


Wedding Planning in Vermont

One fabulous by-product of the worldwide economic woes is that brides are discovering fabulous made-in-America destinations such as Manchester, Vermont.

Destination Bride was off to Vermont this past weekend to meet Kristin and Brad who are planning a wedding at the Equinox Resort and Spa www.equinoxresort.com Pond Pavillion, one of six beautiful location options at this gorgeous historic inn.


It had been years since I had been in Manchester.  Silly me! 


Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

The number of couples choosing destination weddings has increased by 200 percent in the last 10 years and the trend continues to grow.

Your goal is to answer this question: Is a destination wedding right for us? First ask yourself why you are considering a destination wedding.

Destination weddings have definitely captured the imagination of American couples for a number of reasons. But choosing to have your wedding far from home is not a decision to be taken lightly. In my consultations with couples, I can usually tell very quickly whether a destination wedding would fit their personalities, dreams and circumstances. I'd like to share with you some common reasons people choose destination weddings and help you decide if they not only appeal to you, but also fit with your own objectives and priorities. Your goal is to answer this question: Is a destination wedding right for us?


Real Wedding Stories

John & Jennifer | Lenox, Massachusetts

John & Jennifer

Hollywood could not have choreographed a more beautiful, dramatic entrance than the one made by Jennifer Hsu in the entryway of the Wheatleigh Hotel. Votive candles lit the outside curve of the marble staircase as Jennifer, flanked by her parents, walked down. Calm, smiling, and resplendent in a cream gown with a lace bodice and green satin sash, Jennifer looked as though there was no other place on earth, or time, than this crystal moment. Read more...


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