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Worldwide DestinationsWhether a couple is unconventional, adventurous, restless, high-spirited, or even a little wacky, there's a wedding destination, somewhere, for them! Let's just call it Extreme Weddings! How about the North Pole? If you want to feel on top of the world, it's doable, just try Quark Expeditions. Quark will take you on a cruise ship - an icebreaker, that is - out of Oslo and up to the Pole. There's also North Pole Expeditions if you prefer skydiving or skiing along with your vows!

Or you could go underground - that's right! Subterranean weddings, in caves all around the world! From Missouri's Bridal Cave all the way to Australia's PJ's Underground Motel.

Other couples might prefer to say "I do" underwater, which may require scuba gear and handsignal vows. In St. Croix, there's Hotel Caravelle, or Hawaii's Maui Under Water.

Want to head skywards & exchange vows in the clouds? Touch base with Air Royale International at Air Royale for a charter service complete with live music, decorations and a gourmet meal for your "extreme wedding." Prefer a helicopter wedding instead? Heli USA can do the job in Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Hawaii. Or go more traditional, visit Sky Away Helicopters and fly over Niagara Falls while getting married.

Whichever you choose, the vendors listed on the right, have all assured us that nomatter where you plan to get married, they will travel "WorldWide", to help make your day amazing


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