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Destination Colorado | Touch the sky - at an elevation of 7,000 feet or higher...

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Destination Arizona | Some of the country's most beautiful scenery...

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Destination New Mexico | "The Land of Enchantment"...

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Destination Wyoming | "The first state in outdoor America"...

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Destination Nevada | At the heart of the "old west"...

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Destination New Mexico

Ah! A destination wedding in The Land of Enchantment... that's New Mexico's state slogan, and it fits. New Mexico holds a unique place in people's hearts, it does have a sense of magic, and you can see why. The landscape - with incredible red rock mesas, deserts and mountains, Cimarron Canyon, caves, extinct volcanoes, and more - is unparalleled.

For more populated places, you couldn't find more beautiful, hip and interesting Southwest cities than Santa Fe or Taos, with dining, entertainment, and culture options to suit anyone's taste. Consider a winter destination wedding in New Mexico, with the festival of lights in the small valley village of Ruidoso as your backdrop, or (imagine the invitations!...) how about the town of Elephant Butte, in southern New Mexico? There is so much beauty, mystery and wonder in this state, from ghost towns to a Benedictine monastery in the desert, to an area camp or lodge with fishing, camping and cowboy poetry.

In New Mexico there are 19 pueblos, the oldest tribal cultures in the United States, and their vibrant culture is reflected in the beautiful pottery, jewelry, and weaving they produce today. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains make a dramatic landscape in the north, and give Santa Fe its claim as the highest state capital: if you're planning a wedding there consider the months of May through October; winter is cold due to the city's high elevation.

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