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Destination Alaska

For those looking for real adventure in their destination wedding, Alaska is the premier destination! Alaska offers the ultimate in outdoor excitement, a marvelous setting for an "eco-wedding." Take full advantage of its pristine Pacific coastline, its dramatic mountains, its 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes, 5,000 glaciers - all of the natural wonders any adventurous, outdoorsy couple could want, and more. With Alaska's 365 million acres there is much more "off the beaten track" than there are tracks! Make your own! Plus, the people of the 49th state are incredible free-spirits, who embrace visitors with genuine optimism and a real "can-do" attitude - always important when you are planning a destination wedding.

Couples have a great range of location options - a ceremony aboard a boat, in a wilderness lodge, an old gold mining town, on a train, or transported via helicopter or seaplane to a remote setting with select friends, family & Mother Nature as your witness! Best to schedule your Alaskan wedding between May and September. Or you can do some dog-sledding and have a winter wedding from November to March, though it will be tough to keep the champagne at the right temperature!

Alaska Travel Info

  • Climate: 
    Average temperatures in Alaska in the summer months are between 60 anf 80 degrees Farenheit, during the day, with nighttime temperatures in the 40's and 50's. Fall and winter arrive early in this latitude, and stay late, so your three summer months are the best bet for warm temperatures. Alaska is so large that the northern territories are well into the arctic circle; it is best to plan your travel, and clothes with a view to exactly where in the state you will be.


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