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Destination | United States

Choosing the "good old USA" for your wedding destination gives you a wealth of options and spectacular choices - after all, America is celebrated for its diversity. A nation of tremendous cultural and geographic variety, your choices for exciting wedding destinations are virtually endless. What's more, American marriage laws are the most liberal in the world, allowing couples to be married wherever - and by whomever - they want.

From snow-capped mountains to lush green forests, by the ocean's edge or in the desert sands, in a sophisticated city setting or a rustic village green, the United states enables couples to choose the wedding they've always dreamed of - well-appointed and elegant, fun and festive, bold and brassy, traditional, romantic, unconventional, full of name it! As we all know, in America, anything is possible, especially the perfect wedding.

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  • Climate: 
    The United States is a large county. The climate varies greatly from one state to another - from the green hills of New York and Massachusetts, to the desert of Arizona and Nevada, to the beaches of Florida and Hawaii. See individual regions for more information.

  • Currency: US Dollar
  • International calling code:  +1


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