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Destination Australia | Colors, seen nowhere else on earth...

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Destination Fiji Islands | A wondrous island paradise...

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Destination | Oceania

For couples seeking the perfect blend of adventure and atmosphere, a wedding in Oceania may prove to be the perfect paradise, a rare combination of incredible options, outdoor fun, scenic wonder, rich native traditions, and genuine serenity. The real question is: how do you choose which island paradise is right for your wedding celebration? Let your passions be your guide, and seek out the adventure of your choice, because Oceania has everything to offer... from scuba diving to bungee jumping, you'll find adventure you've only dreamed about!

And for those interested in a more spiritual approach, the indigenous cultures bring you choices from a Maori powhiri in New Zealand, to a lovo feast in Fiji. There's no question; a wedding in Oceania - from Australia to Fiji to New Zealand - will provide you with an embarrassment of riches, choices and memories.

Oceania Travel Info

  • Climate: 
    Australia is generally arid to semiarid with temperate conditions in south and east and tropical in north. New Zealand is generally temperate with sharp regional contrasts. Fiji has a tropical marine climate with only slight seasonal temperature variation. See individual regions for more information.
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