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Destination South Africa | A fascinating, complex country.

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Destination Egypt | The Sphinx, the Nile, the Luxor, the Red Sea...

Destination Egypt | The Sphinx, the Nile, the Luxor, the Red Sea...

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Destination Tanzania | Largest, wildest animal population in the world ...

Destination Tanzania | Largest, wildest animal population in the world ...

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Destination | Egypt

For scope and grandeur, Egypt is a remarkable wedding destination. The Sphinx, the Nile, the Luxor, the Red Sea, the Valley of the Kings, the Western Desert... Egypt makes all of one's senses - including one's sense of history! - come alive.

For an Egyptian wedding, imagine a Bedouin camel trek to a palatial desert tent, with music and dancing all night in the shadow of a pyramid. Egypt was the first country to codify marriage laws, making the union both a civil and religious institution. Egypt offers a stunning array of options for couples who want to mix a sense of history with the exotic. Imagine a cruise down the Nile on a felucca (an Egyptian sailboat), or snorkeling in the Red Sea. Stand in the shadows of the Great Pyramids of Giza, or experience the riotous intensity of Cairo.

Currently, it is very difficult for foreigners to marry in Egypt. There is no guarantee that the Egyptian government will accept your documentation. In any case, there is no reason that a wedding ceremony and celebration can't be held in Egypt and the legal marriage be performed elsewhere. See the Marriage Requirements below for more information about this issue.

Egypt | Planning Notes

Weddings in Egypt need a lot of planning as time is slower in that part of the world. Appointments take time to set up, so you need to do a lot of planning ahead of time - at least six months to a year.

Egypt | Location Information

CAIRO: Elegant 5 star hotels and spas, the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx Weddings in Arabian Night tents near the Pyramids are very popular and exotic, with sit down dinners on low cushions on soft carpets on the desert sand. Fine Mediterranean dining.


Egypt | Country Experts / Wedding Planners

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Egyptian wedding planners are mostly for the very elaborate Egyptian weddings. We recommend using in-house hotel wedding planners who speak fluent English and are familiar with European customs.

Egypt | Tipping Info

Very important in Egypt at least 15% plus always have small amounts of Egyptian Pounds ready ($1=3Egyptian Pounds) for doorman, people who help you with information on the streets, little beggars with their sweet smiles.

Egyptian Northern Coast

The Northern Coast is the Egyptian North Western gate stretching 525 Km on the Mediterranean east to Sallum on the Libyan boarder.

This was a rain-dependent agricultural land in the Roman era. Having good faith in the prosperous future of this region, the government spares no effort to develop it. Many comprehensive planning studies have been conducted.


Egypt Travel Info

  • Climate: 
    Egypt's weather is hot and dry most of the year. Winter temperatures are usually "chilly" only by Egyptian standards, with a winter mean temperature of 68 degrees F. Autumn and winter may be the best weather to plan a destination wedding. Summer months are very hot, and March and April are the windy months...a lot of blowing sand!

  • Get current weather for Egypt.

  • Currency: Egyptian Pound

  • International calling code:  +20


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