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Lisa Light

Lisa Light | CEO and Author
Lisa Light Lisa Light is the founder, president, and driving force behind and Lisa Light, Ltd. She started out as an anthropologist, became a travel consultant, and then discovered her love of wedding planning.

An intrepid traveler, Lisa has lived and traveled extensively throughout twenty countries. She has been a sailor, a mid-wife in Africa, a lifeguard, teacher and fundraiser. Lisa's personal and professional passions have combined in her special focus on destination weddings. She has been planning international events for thirteen years. As an authority on the subject, she has been quoted and featured in a wide variety of publications, radio, and television shows.

In addition to her work as a planner, Lisa has written the book on destination weddings, DESTINATION BRIDE: How To Plan Your Wedding Anywhere in the World (F&W, January 2006), and built a website that is now the #1 Internet resource for couples planning a destination wedding,

Karrie Burns

Karrie Burns | Director of Sales & Marketing
Karrie Burns, Director of Sales & Marketing,


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